NFBA President for 2019

Mr. Ernie Evans

(904) 886-8378


July - August 2020



    Note: This month's message in sent to you by the NFBA Vice President "Mr. Paul Drummond"

 Hello There Bluegrass Family and Friends, Its been a little while since I sat down with a pen in my hand, and I wanted to say "Hi" and just talk a little bit about where we are, and where we are trying to get to.

 In today's world of COVID-19, and all the different civil movements, it's been too long since we all sat down to some good old "front porch picking and grinning". There have been many groups and artists that have taken to the internet for live shows, either in a studio or just sitting around their living room. They have allowed us to enjoy their company. If you are one of us who does not partake of the "world wide web", we have our Radios, CDs, Cassettes, 8-Tracks and even our record collections, not to mention all the memories we have made throughout the years. As we try to move forward into the next chapter of the NFBA,

 I hope we all reflect on what the music and the friendships mean to each and everyone of us. Even though the future of our country, and our daily lives, may seem uncertain, please know that the NFBA is here to stay. We are currently working on the elections for next year's board members, future newsletters, and opportunities for us to get together and "Pick and Grin" again. Remember we are not just a music association, but we are all family in one way or another.

 I would encourage each and every one of you reading this flyer to stay active with in our great association, by volunteering for a position on the board of directors, or assisting and attending any events you are able to, to support bluegrass music. Even in this time of quarantine and times of self-isolation, we can still support your North Florida Bluegrass Association, and the entire bluegrass world. Please continue to watch the "Midnight Flyer" and other bluegrass publications for bluegrass events in your area. Keep an eye on our website as we try to keep it updated with all the bluegrass events happening in our area. It's been great to sit and chat with you, and I appreciate your continued support to the North Florida Bluegrass Association. I hope to see you in the jam circles soon.

V/r Paul Drummond

Vice President North Florida Bluegrass Association






Ernie Evans


President NFBA 2019