About The North Florida Bluegrass Association

Mission Statement

   The Purpose of the North Florida Bluegrass Association, To serve as an authority and community resource on the subject of Bluegrass Music

What We Do

  We promote Bluegrass Music through jams, Instructional workshops, concerts, community festivals, education, our  EXPO in (NOVEMBER) of each year and our monthly newsletter, "The Midnight Flier".   We play traditional bluegrass instruments. Many of us pick and grin while others just listen and grin. We were unplugged before unplugged was cool. Some of our individual members and affiliated bands go into the public schools to present our music to youngsters. Others perform our music at health facilities, public functions and fundraisers. The association meets the 3rd weekend (3rd Saturday) of every month (except December) at different locations each month. We invite you to join us!

        "The North Florida Bluegrass Association is a 501-(C3) Non-Profit Organization"



                P.O.Box 2830 Orange Park, Fl. 32067

E-Mail Address:



"Brief History of the NFBA"

The NFBA was created by a few pickers, for pickers, to have a place to gather for the love of Bluegrass and fellowship, the birth place was the Dinsmore Civic Center in the Dinsmore area of North Jacksonville, Fl., the date was sometime in May 1975. A majority of the first articles that were discussed and approved still stand today, they are:

    Article I:   Name and Address

  The name of this corporation shall be “North Florida Bluegrass Association Inc.” It’s principle place of business shall be located at 4254 Redwood Ave. Jacksonville, Fl.32207


    Article II:   Purpose

  It shall be the purpose of this organization :

(1)    To promote the popularity of Bluegrass Music in North Florida and elsewhere

(2)    To preserve the history and heritage of Bluegrass Music

(3)    To serve as an authority on Bluegrass  Music in the community

(4)   To serve as a community resource providing  information on Bluegrass Music and Musicians

(5)   To provide free or at cost Bluegrass Music entertainment to charitable , civic, and Governmental   organizations whose purposes are humanitarian and/or Non-Profit in nature

(6)   To provide free or at cost Bluegrass Music entertainment to the public


   Article III:  Qualifications of Membership:

  Any member of the general public is eligible for membership, Payment of annual dues (amount determined according to Article (XI) of these articles) is the sole requirement for membership, Sex, Race or religion will not in any way be considered in determining the qualifications for membership


   Article IV:  Terms of Existence:

  This organization shall exist perpetually or until a majority of the board of directors vote its dissolution


   The rest of the articles consist of, not duties but (1) President (1) Vice President (1) Sect/Treasurer and  an odd numbers of directors for voting purposes….


   The first subscribers to these  were : Michael Johnson, Pauline Johnson and Daniel Peyton


  The first Officers were: President: Henry B. Alford Jr., Treasurer: Don Wilson Jr., Secretary: Pauline Johnson.


   Article XIV:  Amendments

  These articles may be amended at anytime by a unanimous vote of the board of directors