Mission Of Slow Jam:

  The Slow Jam is an opportunity for first time, or new beginners to get together and learn how to play their instruments of choice. There are usually a few advanced pickers in the group to lend their expertise to anyone who needs help. All Pickers and Listeners are Welcome


  Slow Jam Leaders:

 Very Sad to report that the Slow-Jam will no longer be conducted by Ms. Loraine Keener, due to health reasons Loraine is experiencing, she has asked to be replaced, we hope Loraine the best and we want her to know that without her participation the Slow-Jam would never have reached the popularity it has enjoyed.  Get well soon Loraine, hope you and Tom can get back to camping real soon.




       P.S. We hope to have the Slo-Jam going again real soon, in the mean time we hope the pickers in the NFBA will come forward at the 3rd weekend Pickin" and help out with the beginners