NFBA President for 2018

Mr. Ernie Evans

(904) 886-8378

June 2018


This month we will be hosting the NFBA EXPO at Twin Oaks Park in Hoboken, GA. I will remind our membership again that this is a fund raiser necessary to fund the operations of our organization. Not to sound repetitive but we missed last years due to hurricane Irma and we hope you have this event on your calendar. It is not just a fund raiser though, it is a great time to meet new members and get an opportunity to hear some of the great talent showcased this weekend. 


Now’ on to the following month of October. In case you missed my last message in the August issue of the Midnight Flyer, I will go though it one more time. This needs your attention: We continue to ask for help and continue to seek new leadership for NFBA. So far, there are still many opportunities including the office of President. I am confident that there are creative individuals that would like to put their ideas to work and take the NFBA to another level. Now is your time to step forward. 


I want to make this next statement as positive as I can but find it hard to do without disappointment. Our current board has accomplished all of the goals that we had set forth to keep NFBA going and restructure the operations. Without leadership, there is no NFBA period. We have till October to change this and I hope that we are getting this most important message across. If you feel this does not fit you, surly you know someone that it would fit. 


This is music born and bred right here in the United States of America. Our ancestors brought elements of the music with them to create this rich part of our history that MUST be preserved. That is why we do what we do and why we have been so passionate about it. I would love to stay on but I am much more help doing what has my schedule slammed all year, it is someone else's turn. 


We appreciate you all for your continued support, and want you all to know, that this board of directors has worked with pride, determination and heart, They love this association and all it stands for. They have also labored out of respect to continue the work that past boards have done.  


Take care and we hope to hear from you soon,


Ernie Evans

President NFBA 2018