NFBA President for 2019

Mr. Ernie Evans

(904) 886-8378


May 2019


May 2019 NFBA Presidents Report


This month I want to reflect on the last 4 months from new Years till today regarding NFBA activity and interaction with the bluegrass community. We learned so much about the need of our current membership and how things have shifted and changed. When looking back at the wonderful years spent as a member and a board member, I recall a time when we did things a certain way with success almost every time. As the world changed, people changed and even our music evolved the needs for our membership and the path to promote bluegrass went right with it. For example: There was a time when we would see 90 campers at a monthly gathering and jam sessions were every where not to mention festivals in our area were turning out record numbers in attendance. At the same time we seen an aging membership, weekly jam sessions and weekly gatherings increase giving folks more choices to get their fix in our great music. Did we go too far too fast? I don't think so because bluegrass won. 

What was missing was the door that brought new listeners, musicians and fans in to bluegrass so it would grow slammed shut. There have been countless efforts but not enough to keep it going. Today we see a decline in many of those categories today with some thriving. People are picking and choosing what and where they will go and may only attend 1 event each month where they used to do something every week. This is not bad because some events are booming. The sad thing is, others are going the opposite direction. This has created a bigger need for NFBA to have a presence and fulfill its mission.

I am proud to say that we have made some adjustments to reshape our strategies to conform to the new landscape and will be rolling out a series or reports and data for you to see soon. Our mech sales and new membership numbers are growing and more than twice the rate they had been and appear to be paying off. Let's not forget that it isn't doing it by itself. It is due to first YOU for being a member, having confidence in our team and recognizing the importance of our mission to preserve  part of American Heritage. Second, let's not forget the hard working board of directors. This is a very talented bunch of determined, hard working group that works on pride and passion. Bluegrass is in the best hands ever.

Thanks again and we'll see you out there some where on the bluegrass trail



Ernie Evans


President NFBA 2019