NFBA President for 2018

Mr. Ernie Evans

(904) 886-8378

June 2018


Summer is here and we have our first named storm, Alberto. With that said, I hope you are all dry and your lawns are healthy from all of the rain. Ok, back to business. We are still looking for volunteers to help fill positions and assist at events. At the very least, I would like you to suggest ideas of what we can do to get more members out to our monthly gatherings. Judging by the size of participation, it is obvious that there is more we can be doing. Don't get me wrong, we truly appreciate everyone who makes the effort and I think they will tell you they enjoy themselves. However, many of our members may come if we host a monthly event closer to where they live or have it some where they find interesting. Either way, we would like to hear from you.


Festival season is now over in our area and much of the bluegrass has moved indoors. My assessment of the past season is that it showed some improvement in some areas and fell in others. Over all, there were plenty of events to choose from at affordable prices. In the mean time, we are seeing more folks traveling farther to events costing almost double but joining crowds 4-10 times the size. In both cases, bluegrass wins but I sure would like to see more support in our area. We have the talent and the right kind of folks to make any festival a huge success and a great place to take a family. I am currently working on a few things that I hope will help in the future. This may take combining Bluegrass with Classic Country, Southern Gospel in a concert type format to attract new listeners. 


For those already supporting live bluegrass I thank you on behalf of our association. Of course thank you is also extended to you for being a member of NFBA as it is the first and most important step. I am passionate about this music and the people surrounding it and have made it my life. I am lucky to be married to a person who has also dedicated their life to this fine art forma and community. 


 In closing, Ms. Polly sure pulled through for us administering and getting our 501 (c) 3 status back. Of course, most of you all know that, I just want to brag on her. This smile won't go a way for a while, I may mention it again next month, LOL Our whole board is amazing, you should all be so proud....


I hope you are all enjoying your summer and if you are traveling, I wish you a safe season filled with fun adventures. That is it for now, please consider getting more involved and if you are able to make a donation of any kind, it couldn't go to a better cause. If can not afford to, maybe you know some one that can. 


Ernie Evans

President NFBA 2018