NFBA President for 2016

Mr. Toby Vanderbilt

(828) 387-2916

JUNE 2017

To my fellow members of the NFBA, I enjoy writing my messages every month about my experiences and my love of Bluegrass music. As well as the recording artists that I have had the pleasure of meeting while I have been president of the North Florida Bluegrass Association. However this month has been hard for me. When I became President ten or twelve years ago I re-kindled the SLO-JAM which allowed members that just wanted to pick music with there friends without the pressure of trying to play 100 miles an hour. With the help of a few members and over a period of time we had to find larger spaces to accommodate the number of members that showed up to pick. This was accomplished by the hard work of one member. This member and I got another “Board” member by the name of Ernie Evans to have the slo-jammers play on stage at a festival at Dixieland Music Park with Valerie Smith. I still remember the looks on these slo-jammers faces as they came off stage with Valerie, What a memory for all of these musicians. The sad part of this message is that I have to report , that the person responsible for making this happen has just recently past away. Mrs Lorraine Keener will surely be missed and I know I have lost a great friend and the association has lost a great member. Lorraine stepped up to the plate and did a great job for many years. Her husband, Tom, was always there by her side. If somebody needed help with their camper or anything Lorraine and Tom were there to help. I surely will miss Lorraine but I know she is with the Lord and we will all meet again. R.I.P. Lorraine, With a heavy heart, Toby





Toby Vanderbilt  President  N.F.B.A.