NFBA President for 2017

Mr. Toby Vanderbilt

(828) 387-2916

September 2017

To my fellow members of the NFBA,


I just can’t wait. Our BIG EVENT is only a few weeks ahead, THE EXPO 2017. As I have always said this is our major fund raiser for the year. Without the revenue from attendance and sponsors our great Association can’t stay in business. Please, Please attend and bring your neighbors and friends. This will be a great event. We have an outstanding lineup this year of Bands, instrument workshops with excellent instructors, great vendors plus our own NFBA merchandise sales. Without your support this organization can’t exist. Thanks again for your support. After our Expo we have our election of Officers and Directors in October. We need Volunteers. Your current Board of Directors have worked very hard to save the Association from two years ago. We almost went out of Business, please don’t let this happen. We are now back up to over 350 family members. Your current Board is tired and we need new help from you, our membership to go forward. I personally have family health issues that will require 100% of my time starting in about three weeks for the next few years, so I won’t be able to run for President,. However every position is opened and believe me it is an honor to work with a great team of people. Please consider running for a position and again it is time to step up and make our Association even better with new ideas. I will tell you that working with the Board of Directors of the NFBA has been one of the most rewarding and most exciting times of my life. Meeting people, playing music with some of the best musicians on the planet, meeting some of the best bluegrass legends as well has been so great everyone should want to be on team as good as this. If I didn’t have a family emergency such as I have I would want to volunteer for any position on this Board. So for my sake please stand up and volunteer. Thanks to you all for making my tenure in the NFBA so rewarding and representing you all so great. Love you all, 


Toby Vanderbilt  President  N.F.B.A.