NFBA President for 2018

Mr. Ernie Evans

(904) 886-8378

February 2018

To my fellow members of NFBA, February brings more music our way with many great artists visiting Florida as we go though the winter season. Our board of directors is fast at work planning the year with activities and programs to keep our association active and strong. I want to talk to you about our mission and review our purpose for existing as a non profit organization. First, it is most apparent that we enjoy our membership for the social activities through camping, jams and various gatherings to interact with like minded people who love our music we call bluegrass. This is one of the most important aspects because it keeps our mission both fun and interesting. This allows us to unite as a front to preserve, protect and promote a vital piece of American culture, a culture now enjoyed world wide. 

Preserve: This has always been well done by our membership through the years and much like it has been from the beginning, we still keep the majority of the music acoustic. Through the years we have seen other instruments implemented and that has been great for us to see as everything evolves. It's the spirit of the music and the ability to get an acoustic guitar and banjo together and perform the songs written and recorded by the first generation bluegrass artists such as Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers, Flatt & Scruggs etc. .. This may be the category where we are the strongest. NFBA is proud to provide its 3rd week monthly events to have a common place to continue the preservation.


Protect: Much like "Preserving" it's raw form allows others the chance to hear how it was created and carry this accent tone into the future. However, there are other components of this category that reaches education. Todays interpretati on of bluegrass varies more than ever due to its influence over so many genres of music. This is much like the way bluegrass came together its self. It is our job to teach and share it's most sincerest and original form through our youth to adult programs so it is always recognized for the way it was created. 

Promote: In my opinion there are 2 sides to this section, hobbyist and professi onal. There are many very talented musicians right here in our part of Florida and in fact, current members of our organization. In my opinion, this is the best way to attract new listeners and accomplish all goals. Another opinion of mine is that the difference between hobbyist and professional is  not rated by talent or ones ability. We have members worthy of being on the pro circuit and can stand next to the best any day of the week. However, the professionals reach a much bigger audience and are an excellent vehicle for us to leverage. We encourage everyone to attend as many shows as you can and support the art. If you can't go yourself, please encourage others. 

These are my opinions and suggestions for a better understanding on why we do what we do. That's it for now. Thank you for being a part and supporting NFBA, happy bluegrassing to you all!


Ernie Evans