NFBA President for 2018

Mr. Ernie Evans

(904) 886-8378

November 2018


First, I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as president of the NFBA once again. Earlier this year I had decided not to run again, but when we got together this past weekend as a board, it dawned on me that I needed to stay to see all of the changes we have made though another year. Plus, there was no way I was not going to be part of the exciting things that had developed. I am more excited than ever. Today we breathe a big sigh of relief and call for celebration at the same time. I couldn't be more proud to welcome the 2019 Board of Directors to the North Florida Bluegrass Association. Over the years, thru the NFBA, we have proudly serviced over 4,000 families and there is no telling what the future holds but one thing we do know is that bluegrass is in good hands and could not have better friends. This year we congratulate the returning board members and new first time board members with fresh ideas. Look for exciting new developments from this board to enhance the presence and education of bluegrass music. I would like to talk a little about our last meeting which happened to be our annual elections. As I called the meeting to order I was moved by the current board and the thought of all they have accomplished through their tenure. It was more that I could hope for and far exceeded my expectations. To go forward as an association we had to first look at where we have come, identify what the future should look like and how we would get there. The first challenge was bringing the association up to date. As many changes in technology have affected our everyday lives, it also had to be the top consideration as to how we operate as an association. We decide that 2019 needed to be the year for restructuring and rebuilding. Our focus will be evaluating systems that have been effective and those that have not to either modify or replace. Look for new developments from this recharged board of directors, they are ready to go. For now, most of the benefits of being a member will remain in place as we roll out new ones. The Newsletter will continue in color and be distributed monthly The Website will continue to be one of our most resourceful tools The Expo will continue but date and location have not been announced Our board is interacting daily, due to technology. All other events and activities will now fall under "Special Events" This will give us the opportunity to make them more fun, meaningful and appeal to a broader audience. It is in our mission to promote bluegrass music and we have been way more successful and exposing bluegrass to new listeners and bringing on new members when creating the right atmosphere. This is the most exciting change for 2019 although we have been doing this sparingly, it has produced the most results. Thank you all for your continued support and confidence in us to allow us the honor to serve. I look forward to seeing you out there and thanking you in person and hoping to pick a few tunes as well.                                                                            


Ernie Evans

President NFBA 2018