NFBA President for 2017

Mr. Toby Vanderbilt

(828) 387-2916

December 2017

To my fellow members of the NFBA,


December 2017:

To My Dear Friends and Members: What a pleasure it has been for me during the past decade to serve you as President of one of the best Bluegrass Associations in our Great Country, the North Florida Bluegrass Association. I have met so many great members that I feel have become life long friends. Bluegrass lovers are definitely the best people on earth. If you have ever been in a situation it’s almost certain if a Bluegrass enthusiast is around, you know that you will be okay. Whether your camping, broke down on the side of the road or whatever you will be okay with one of us there for your help. I have truly been blessed with this Association. The Board of Directors that I have worked with from my beginning are some of the hardest workers on the planet. You just couldn’t be successful without them. Not only are they there to support the President, they are the best friends a man could have in this world. So many great moments have happened during my tenure with the NFBA. 1. A music in the school program with a concert from a young man by the name of Ryan Holiday who really impressed over 600 children and their parents. 2. Increased members to 1150 3. Monthly News letter revamped to be one of the best in the Country. 4. Website easy to use 5. Purchase membership and clothing online 6. Our own website There are so many blessings bestowed upon me with the NFBA that I don’t have enough room to include all of them. Again thank you all for allowing me to be a small part of this GREAT Association and at the same time represent each and everyone of you for helping me make this a great adventure that I will never forget. Believe me , if my wife didn’t have some health issues I would volunteer for any position so I could still work with the best people on earth, Your Board of Directors. This unfortunately will be my last Presidents Message. Thank you again and I would like to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Holiday Season a Very Merry Christmas and especially a Very Healthy and Prosperous New Year. 

Toby Vanderbilt  President  N.F.B.A.