NFBA President for 2017

Mr. Toby Vanderbilt

(828) 387-2916

October 2017

To my fellow members of the NFBA,

I would like to say a big thanks to all of our members. I know how hard it’s been on all of you during these past two months. One hurricane after another and the destruction was terrible. Because of this we had to cancel our only fund raiser of the year. Our Annual Expo for 2017. The proceeds from this are how we continue to be one of the Best Bluegrass Associations in the Country. Without your support we cannot survive. This is why we have setup a fund raiser online for the N.F.B.A. to get your contributions. Please donate as much as you can so we can continue to bring the outstanding functions that we have put on throughout the years. The most exciting part of this monthly message is to have you all attend our Annual Elections this month. We are having our Elections this month and we really need some new blood. Your Board of Directors over the last Two years has worked night and Day to bring back the NFBA from almost going out of business. We now have a well run Association. Everything is great. We are just tired after getting everything organized to run efficiently. Every Position is opened for nominations and I can’t express enough to you how important it is for your help in running this great organization. My own personal experience over the last decade has been outstanding, meeting all of you, working with a great Board, arranging with the Board new Venues, and yes the Best one of all is working with the best Team on the Planet. Please consider taking a Position at our Election. As I said every position is opened and personally I won’t be able to run this year due to my wife being ill. I have to change my number one priority to her and I hope you will understand. Hope to see you all real soon. Please consider a position at the elections this month. It is a great feeling when you accomplish tasks for this great organization. Keep on Pickin, 

Toby Vanderbilt  President  N.F.B.A.