" May 2018 Jam Session Update”


This month's pickin report was written by Harry Stewart....thanks, Harry.....


WOW, what a great picking and bluegrass festival we had at the 16th Annual Florida State Bluegrass Festival in Perry, FL. even when the festival had to be moved inside  the colosseum Saturday night because of rain, the show didn't miss a beat. The band Nothing Fancy, put on one of the best shows I have seen in a long time, in fact, all the bands were great this whole weekend.


   Our President, Ernie Evans, had the pleasure to perform on stage with the Dave Adkins Band and did a great job. I helped to open the festival Thursday night with a group of our NFBA members, Ronnie Keller, Mitch Brannan, John Watson, Ernie Evans and a young lady named Ruth (sorry I don't remember her last name). Later on Thursday night, Martin Feagle and The Whistler Band did a great job on stage.

   The rest of the weekend was spent with several jams going on at several locations through out the park.  I got to jam with Richard White, his grandson AJ, Bob Gentry, Richard Cutforth, John Watson and several other NFBA members and pickers that wandered in and out of the jam sessions.


   Ernie, John, Mitch, and Ronnie held a workshop to introduce our music and bluegrass instruments to our younger generation, this is a part of the NFBA mission to promote and introduce Bluegrass music to the masse’s….Harry…..











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