" Jam Session Update”

  If you missed the NFBA November 3rd weekend Pickin’at Heritage Park in McClenny, Florida, you missed a heck of a time. The Pickin’ coincided with the Heritage Day celebration the city holds every year at the Park, there all sorts of things to do and see. Heritage Park is a Museum showing artifacts from the early days of Florida and the hardships these early settlers had to endure, these folks were some very tough and determined people, wow’, just think if you wanted a burger you couldn't run down to McDonalds to get one you had to make it yourself and that included a lot of work. There was all sorts of food and music and things to do.

  The NFBA had a section all to our-self’s with a lot of people wandering by to listen to our music and chit-chat. This month I had the opportunity to pick with, Mitch Brannen, Harry Stewart, Charlie and Susan Cloud, Arnold Ratchford, Carlton (Cooter) Chewning, Don and Brenda Dean, Terry Dillhyon, Bill, Roland and John (Mack ) Hendry, Margaret Smith, John Hawkins, Paul Drummond, Curtis Richards, Richard Wilson, Ronnie Keller and Keith Pace. I know I left some folks out but I’m old and hopefully I will remember them next time, so keep them axe’s polished and tuned, you never know when a jam session will jump out at you. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year……..Wayne……..





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