" Jam Session Update”



 Hey all you Bluegrass Jammers out there, I have been a little under the weather these last couple months and haven’t been able to get out there with you, but I’m getting better so start looking for me, I may show up just about any time and anywhere. I was at a jam a little while back and was amazed at a couple of young people just burning it up, one on the Bass and one on the Mandolin and it just reminded me that we really need to somehow get the younger generation interested in playing music, not just the Bluegrass we love, but just music in general, I know when I pick up a Guitar or Mandolin I go to a different place, I remember sitting and jamming with my dad who played the Fiddle and one of my brothers , who played about any instrument, and we would play for hours, now I know back then there wasn’t very much to do anyway, but all the kids that lived around me played some kind of instrument, there was always an older couple that would open their house and hearts to us kids for an evening of picking . That’s what got me interested in music when I was young and I’m sure everyone of you has a story about the same as mine..till next time, I’ve had plenty of time to tune up so look for me I’ll be there…





 January 2017 Pecan Park Rv Resort


June 3rd Weekend at Lake Butler



May 2016 3rd Weekend at Hoboken








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Parker House Park Aug.20,2016 Orange Park Fl.