Chaplain: John Mack Hendry






March  2018 


We had a very good time at the Lake Butler event. Where were you? Good food and good music! Sin: Most people do not realize just how bad sin really is. Just think; all Adam did was eat a piece of forbidden fruit an it caused the fall of the whole human race. There is an interesting story in 1 Samuel 15. Saul was instructed to go and utterly destroy the Amalekite’s an all that belonged to them, man, women, child, and even the livestock. Saul proceeded to accomplished the task but modified the instructions and didn't slay the King nor all the livestock but was going to offer the livestock to the Lord as a sacrifice. When confronted with his sin, Saul states he has done as instructed, but Samuel replies, "What meaneth then this bleating of the sheep in mine ears,..." ( v. 14- 15). So Saul only partially obeyed. There is consequences of sin, and in this case it caused the loss of the Kingship of Israel. SIN IS ALWAYS COSTLY. Verse 22 goes on to say that "to obey is better than sacrifice". Please be in prayer for Polly’s son in the hospital after serious surgery, and Whit Crews. 






Mack, Chaplain, NFBA.